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Stambaugh & Powers Inventory

Stambaugh Auditorium Inventory (updated 12/3/21)

32” Adams Copper Bowl Balanced Action Timpani

29” Adams Timpani

26” Adams Timpani

23” Adams Timpani


18” Sabian HH Crash Cymbals

18” Sabian Suspended Cymbal 

16” Sabian Suspended Cymbal

16” Sabian Crash Cymbal

Crash Cymbal Stand

Suspended Cymbal Stand


12x14, Black Swamp Field maple Snare Drum with snare stand

6.5x14” Black Swamp Concert Snare Drum, maple ply, with snare stand (#003170)

3.5x14, steel Pearl Piccolo Snare Drum (#028376)


Orchestral Musser Glockenspiel with stand

4.5 Octave Musser (Kelon) Marimba

Adams Vibraphone

Musser 3.5 octave Xylophone (Kelon)


36”  Bass Drum, on hoop stand, with cover, fiberskyn heads

Remo Tambourine 

Black Swamp Tambourine

Vaughcraft Wood Block

Latin Percussion Guiro

(2) Sleigh Bells


(3) Triangles

(2) Finger Cymbals

(4) Meinl Egg Shakers

Stadium Shaker

Slapstick with Whip

(2) Sand blocks

Latin Percussion Granite Block

Glass Bottle

(2) Castanets 


Humes & Berg Galaxy Grip Stick & Mallet Bag

(4) Vic Firth Mallets

Vic Firth T4 Legato Timpani Mallets

Innovative Percussion GTX-1 Timpani Mallets

Innovative Percussion CT-1 Timpani Mallet

Innovative Percussion CT-2 Timpani Mallets

Innovative Percussion CT-3 Timpani Mallets

(2) Vic/Firth Timpani/Bass Mallets (exact model unknown)

Vic firth T4 Staccato Mallet 

(14) Snare Drum sticks (exact models unknown)

(17) Xylophone mallets (exact models unknown)

Grover Model 40 Marimba Mallets

Mike Balter Marimba Mallets (exact model unknown)

Musser M-7 Marimba Mallets

Musser M-18 Marimba Mallets

Mike Balter BB2 Marimba Mallet

Mike Balter B2 Timpani Mallet

Innovative Percussion IP240 Marimba Mallets

Innovative Percussion RS251 Vibraphone Mallets

Zildjian Tam-tam Mallet

KORG Tuner

Powers Auditorium & Ford Family Recital Hall (updated 12/22/21)

1Glockenspiel - Malletech G2.6

1Udow - Equilibrium Glockenspiel ÎCart665

1Vibraphone - Musser Piper Vibe, with motor, 3 oct. M58M3750

Chimes - Deagan or Adams, BK 30032935

5 Timpani - Adams Philharmonic Light Duff Series (Freer model), 20, 23, 26, 29, 32 inch drums

Walter Light-American Drum 5 timpani - 20", 23, 26, 29, 31

Pearl/Adams 36” Concert Bass Drum and hoop stand

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