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Gear Transport Policy

1. Overview - Glenn Schaft is the "coordinator of percussion studies" and serves as the signature authority for YSU percussion equipment usage and transport. The Percussion Graduate Assistant assists Dr. Schaft in these duties. Their contact info is available at (click) studio directory.

            •Any percussion equipment use or transport (other than in its usual Bliss Hall location) must be approved by Dr. Schaft. Priority is given to Dana ensembles and official university events.

            •Please do not remove anything from Bliss Hall without such approval as such action is considered theft. Percussion majors pay course fees designed to assist in the maintenance of this gear.

2. Faculty or students requiring percussion equipment should submit a "Gear Request Form" to Glenn Schaft

            •We recommend a notice of 30 days prior to the event. Shorter notices may result in the lack of availability of the gear or of the YSU facilities staff to transport the gear.

            •Glenn Schaft or the Perc GA will notify you whether or not the request has been approved. In the case of non-YSU events or the lack of availability of the YSU movers, Dr. Schaft will recommend other transportation and personnel. Once you have secured such, Dr. Schaft will approve your request.

            •Ensemble directors are responsible for arranging that your venue will be unlocked and supervised during the requested load-in and load-out times.

            •The Percussion GA will draft a gear transport schedule, and pending approval by Dr. Schaft, it will be sent to the YSU movers, posted on the Percussion Studio Bulletin Board, and emailed to all concerned Dana Ensemble Directors. The GA will call YSU facilities (Vince Sacco, phone ext. 3234, email = 24 hrs. before each scheduled load-out of Dana to confirm the arrangements. 

3. Equipment Transport - Percussion Student Responsibilities

          •Ensemble “section leaders” or a member of each chamber ensemble are responsible for preparing a gear list with your section colleagues and submitting it to the Percussion Graduate Assistant one week before the scheduled load-out. The GA will review the list, check for conflicts, and will notify you of their approval.

           •Section leaders are responsible for scheduling section colleagues to assist packing all gear in cases and placing it near the west doors of Bliss 2326 for the scheduled load-out.              

            •At least one percussion major must assist the YSU movers in the packing and unpacking of the gear on the YSU truck. 

         •Section leaders are responsible for scheduling section-mates to assist in stowing all gear it in its proper storage location after it arrives at Bliss Hall. 

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