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YPC Recital 3/17/17

March 15, 2017 Kilcawley Student Center, Ohio Room 7:30 PM



Penelope (2016)                                                                  Nathan Daughtrey (b.1975)


Evan McCreary-Vibraphone 


Sea Refractions (1971)                                                        Mitchell Peters (b.1935)


                                                Elexis Moore-Marimba


Dreams                                                                                   Daniel Hafenstein


                                                       Nathan Weingart-Vibraphone


Mystic Fire (2006)                                                               Julie Davila (b.1965)

                                                Brandon Maffitt-Marimba


Three Camps and                                                                 Traditional arr.1999

The Downfall of Paris                                                           Guy Gauthreaux II (b.1956)                                                                                                                       

                                                Marino November-Snare Drum

                                                TJ Rusk-Xylophone



Hymn For An                                                                        Gus Burghdorf (b.1973)     

Angelic Child (1997)


                                                Anthony Tresky-Marimba   


Quadrafunk (1975)                                                             Dennis G. Rogers (b.1947)

                                                Joel Gillespie-Drum Set 


Morning Light (2013)                                                          Mark Ford (b.1958)

                                                TJ Rusk-Marimba 


Amazing Grace                                                                       Traditional

arr. 2013 Eric Rath (b.1978)

                                                Tommy Starr-Vibraphone   


Nagoya Marimbas (1994)                                                   Steve Reich (b.1936)

                                                         Hobie Butcher and Tommy Starr 


Tornado (1966)                                                                    Mitch Markovich (b.1944)

                                                Andy Hacker-Snare Drum 

Ku Ka Illimoku (1978)                                                         Christopher Rouse (B.1949)


Joel Gillespie, Evan McCreary,                                       Tommy Starr, Anthony Tresky


Thanks to: Avedis Zildjian Cymbal Co., Remo Inc., Innovative Percussion Inc., and Black Swamp Percussion for their product and artist support.


YPC was co-founded in the late 1990s by Ron Coulter, Nathan Douds, and Craig Hill, as a collaborative initiative with Dr. Glenn Schaft, the Director of Percussion Studies at Youngstown State University. YPC is a non-profit student organization in residence at Youngstown State University. YPC’s mission is to advance the percussive arts through performance, recordings, composition, composer commission projects, educational outreach events targeting people of all ages, research, fundraising, and other related activities. Membership is open to YSU students, alumni, and faculty. Glenn Schaft, director of percussion studies at YSU, serves as the YPC faculty advisor. 


YPC would like to send an additional thank you to the faculty and staff at Youngstown State University and The Dana School of Music for their continued support. We would also like to send a personal thank you to the professor of percussion at YSU, Dr. Glenn Schaft.

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