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Studio Recital - 10/23/13

Youngstown State University

Percussion Studio Recital 

Dr. Glenn Schaft – Director of Percussion Studies

Dr. Elizabeth DeLamater – Adjunct Percussion Instructor

Bryan Teeters – Graduate Teaching Assistant

23 October 2013

Bliss Hall - Rm. 2326

8:00 P.M.



Bag’s Groove (1954)                                                           Miles Davis (1926-1991)

    Cory Grant – Vibraphone, Nick Sainato – Drums, Gabe Telanka – Bass


Connecticut Halftime                                   Traditional, Arr. Guy Gauthreaux III

   Nathan Negro & Shaynna Jarvis – Snare Drum, Justina Kohut – Cymbals, Damon Poole - Bass Drum


Image (1991)                                                                       Bart Quartier (b.1961)


   -Music Box

   Aaron Graneto – Marimba


Three Camps                                                             Traditional

   Damon Poole – Snare Drum 


#31 (1945)                                                               Charley Wilcoxon (1894-1978)


   Charles Battaglia – Snare Drum


Cello Suite No. 3 in C Major BWV 1009 (1720)  J. S. Bach (1685-1750)


Megan Seivert – Marimba 


Midnight Star (1987)                                             David Friedman (b.1944)

   Evan Gottschalk – Vibraphone


Technica 9 (1982)                                                   Guy Gauthreaux III

  Matthew Hayes – Snare Drum 


Scenes from Mexico (1992)                                                Alice Gomez (b.1960)

   -The Village

   -The Church

   -The Playground

   Roger Lewis – Marimba


Concerto for Marimba (2006)                               Emmanuel Séjourné (b.1961)

   John Vitullo – Marimba, Spencer Reed – Piano


12 Labors of Hercules (2013)                                Dan Danch (b.1983)

   Dan Danch – Snare Drum 


Bands Jel (2008)                                                     Valerie Naranjo

   Kevin Scales – Marimba


Eight Pieces for Four Timpani (1950)                 Elliot Carter (1908-2012)


   Bryan Teeters – Timpani


Black Sphynx (1997)                                                          Leander Kaiser (b.1961)

   Troy Schaltenbrand – Marimba


Rebonds (1989)                                                       Iannis Xenakis (1922-2001)


   Moriah Placer – Multiple Percussion


Blues for Ben (1998)                                                          Stanton Moore (b.1972)

    Nick Sainato – Drums, Ben Holmes – Alto Sax, Anthony Kunovic – Guitar, Luke Hagerman – Bass


Charles Battaglia, Warren, OH

Dan Danch, New Wilmington, PA

Evan Gottschalk, East Palestine, OH,   

Aaron Graneto, Canfield, OH

Cory Grant, Victor, NY

Matthew Hayes, Coshocton, OH  

Shaynna Jarvis, Salem, OH

Justina Kohut, Atwater, OH

Roger Lewis, Youngstown, OH 

Nathan Negro, Wooster, OH

Moriah Placer, Girard, OH

Damon Poole, Mayfield Heights, OH 

Nicholas Sainato, Boardman, OH

Kevin Scales, Riverdale, GA

Troy Schaltenbrand, Allison Park, PA    

Megan Seivert, Miamisburg, OH

Bryan Teeters, Knox, PA 

John Vitullo, Austintown, OH  

Special thanks to Avedis Zildijian, Remo, ProMark. Dynasty, and Black Swamp Percussion for their product and artist support.

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