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Tyler Husosky - Senior Recital

Etude No. 4 from Snare System (1994)                                  Frederic Macarez

            This etude is from a collection of twenty for the snare drum that features complex rhythms, music expression, and derived from the snare drum symphonic repertoire.  This particular etude features quotes from Rimsky Korsakov’s Scheherazade snare drum part.


Time (1968)                                                                            Minoru Miki

            Time was the first work composed by Miki for the marimba, and is dedicated to the famous marimbist Keiko Abe.  This piece extends the technical demands for the performer through subtle shifts in tempo, dynamics, and articulations through calm and aggressively played passages.


Bluebird Samba (1995)                                                          Ted Rounds

            Bluebird Samba is composed for four marimbas and features a main theme with 


 style rhythms, modulations through three keys, and complex harmonies throughout. 

A special thanks to Cory Doran, Tim Hampton, and Kevin Rabold for their assistance


Rebonds b (1989)                                                                   Iannis Xenakis

            Rebonds was Xenakis’s second piece for multiple percussion, featuring drums and woodblocks.  This work contains a sixteenth-note ostinato on a bongo, with the melody moving around the drums, becoming more and more complex and interrupted by interludes on the woodblocks and drums.


The Offering (2001)                                                               Michael Burritt

            The Offering was composed after the passing of Burritt’s grandfather.  It was a way for the composer to express the emotions he had during this time as well as the fond memories that would leave a lasting impression on the rest of Burritt’s life.

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