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Troy Schaltenbrand & Evan Gottschalk - Sophomore Recital

Youngstown State University

Dana School of Music


Troy Schaltenbrand and Evan Gottschalk Percussion Recital

Assisted by Dustin May and Moriah Placer


2 April 2012

8 p.m., Bliss Hall Room 2222



You’re Makin’ Making Me Dizzy (1994)                                                              Rich Holly

In honor of the late, great Dizzy Gillespie, and all that he did to promote Afro-Cuban music, You’re Makin’ Me Dizzy is a feature for two congueros. I am deeply indebted to the great conguero Frank Malabe for his teaching, friendship, and inspiration.

                                                                                                                        Notes by Holly

Troy Schaltenbrand, Evan Gottschalk – Conga drums



Tiriba Kan (2005)                                                                                        Michael B. Williams

Tiriba Kan is inspired by the unaccompanied djembe solos of the great Guinean djembefola- Mamady Keita, who graces his classes on special occasions with impromptu solo improvisations called Djembe Kan, or “the sound of the djembe.”

This solo attempts to capture the improvisational style of a lead djembefola (djembe player) while maintaining some of the rhythmic integrity of the traditional ensemble parts. Kan means “sound” in the Malinke language, thus Tiriba Kan means “the sound of Tiriba.”

Notes by Williams

                                                            Evan Gottschalk- Djembe



Dum Tek Ka (2012)                                                                                     Evan Gottschalk

Dum Tek Ka is inspired by traditional rhythms from the Middle East including the Maqsuum, Malfuuf, and the Foks. The two soloists communicate back and forth while two accompanists provide foundational rhythms. The title Dum Tek Ka simply refers to the syllables used for different tones of Middle Eastern instruments. Throughout the piece there are bits of modern influence and slight humor that reflects the light hearted title.

Troy Schaltenbrand, Dustin May - Bodhran, Evan Gottschalk, Moriah Placer- Darabuka




Prelude and Episode for Percussion Duo (2005)                                             Ken Shorley

At times subtle, at times highly rhythmic, this is a unique and challenging duo in two movements: Prelude, for Frame Drum (Bodhran, played lap-style) and Gong; and Episode, for Frame Drum and Darabuka. This piece borrows influence from Middle Eastern drumming traditions and also incorporates newer musical influences. Prelude and Episode for Percussion Duo was written for the Quey Percussion Duo Composition Contest in 2005 and was a finalist.                                        

Troy Schaltenbrand - Bodhran, Evan Gottschalk - Gong, Darabuka


Rancho Jubilee for Cajon Trio (2009)                                                                   Andrew Beall

Rancho Jubilee is the name of a Dominican restaurant on my corner in Washington Heights, . It’s fun décor and lively atmosphere mixed with Latin and Caribbean influences provided a nice setting for this--what is most likely the first of its kind--trio for Cajons. Cajon is a Spanish word, meaning box. The instrument originated in Peru and later became popular in Spanish Flamenco music. Because of the wire strings extending across the cajon, it has a fantastic sound, much like a drumset, with “snare” and “bass”. In the piece itself, I’ve taken several key rhythmic motives and spread them over a variety of contexts as well as used basic rudiments (such as the paradiddle, double-paradiddle, and para-diddle-diddle) and juxtaposed them into syncopated rhythms throughout. Besides standard techniques, the different timbre ideas include knocking on the cajon’s side with knuckles, knocking on the side with the heel of the foot, brushing the surface of the cajon with fingers and nails, brushing the performer’s leg, and a fist pound directly in the center of the cajon. My last day writing was spent at Rancho Jubilee, and I am pleased to pay tribute to this restaurant, which continues to be a consistent sanctuary for composing and orchestrating. The trio was commissioned by Drew W. Johnson and premiered at the University of South Carolina.

Notes by Beall

            Troy Schaltenbrand, Evan Gottschalk, Moriah Placer - Cajon


Ack - Troy would like to dedicate this program to his late grandfather, Bernard Edward Schaltenbrand Sr. Thanks to Jack Ciarniello for recording this event.


Troy Schaltenbrand is a sophomore music education major at Youngstown State University’s Dana School of Music. Born and raised in Allison Park, PA, Troy has studied percussion since age five. He is a 2010 graduate of North Allegheny Senior High School where he performed with the Honors Wind Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra, Jazz Ensembles, Percussion Ensemble, Indoor Percussion, NA Musical and was section leader in the Tiger Marching Band. During his senior year he served as principal percussionist for North Allegheny’s production of Cats. Troy has also performed with the Honors Wind Ensemble at the 2009 PMEA convention in Valley Forge and with the Tiger Marching Band in President Obama’s 2009 Inaugural Parade. Upon graduating from North Allegheny, Troy was presented the Semper Fidelis Award for Band. Aside from his percussion experience at North Allegheny, he has also performed with the school’s Concert Band and Symphonic Band on euphonium, and the Jazz Ensemble 4 on trombone.

At Dana, Troy performs in the Concert Band, Dana Symphony Orchestra, the Percussion Ensemble, and Jazz Ensemble. In the past, he has performed with the University Chorus and the YSU Marching Pride. He also performed with the theatre program as principal percussionist in the production of La Périchole.

Troy is currently an active member of the Youngstown Percussion Collective and the Percussive Arts Society. He will be featured on the upcoming CD, Forms of Things Unknown, which is a 12-movement composition that the Youngstown Percussion Collective has commissioned from composer Dave Morgan. Troy was part of its world premiere in 2011 in Youngstown and performed it with the YPC at OMEA’s 2012 convention in Columbus.

Troy wishes to thank his many teachers past and present for sharing their knowledge and talents. He also thanks his family and friends for their love and support over the years.


Evan Gottschalk is a sophomore music performance major at Youngstown State University’s Dana School of Music. After moving from Ambridge, Pennsylvania at age 11, he grew up in East Palestine, Ohio were he developed an interest in percussion at age 13. He is a 2010 graduate of Crestview High School where he performed in the Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, and Marching Band. He also performed with the Stambaugh Youth Concert Band. While at Crestview he composed a piece entitled “Dream Catcher” that was performed by the Symphonic Band. He also had the privilege to teach the fifth grade percussion class.

At Dana, Evan has studied with Dr. Glenn Schaft, Dr. Elizabeth DeLamater, Patrick Wagner, and Nathan Douds. He is currently a member of Concert Band, Percussion Ensemble, and has performed in the Marching Pride.


Outside of Dana, Evan has performed with local bands within the genres of extreme metal and hard rock. He currently performs with his band “Whom Walks With Darkness”.


Evan would like to thank the students and faculty of the Dana School of Music for the experience, inspiration, and knowledge that was passed on to him. He would also like to thank his friends and family for the love and support that made it all possible.


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