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Naoka Takada

Marimba Masterclass

Friday, 26 September 2009


Powers Auditorium

260 West Federal Street, Youngstown, Ohio


Sponsored by

Dr. Glenn Schaft - Director of Percussion Studies at Youngstown State University

Youngstown Percussion Collective

Dana School of Music

Youngstown Symphony Society



Nyht the Fire Fairy Queen (2007)                                                 Michael Smith (b. 1978)

Eric Zalenski

Marimba Spiritual (1983-4)                                                                                    Minoru Miki

Tetsuya Takeno

Scirocco (2001)                                                                        Michael Burritt (b. 1962)

Bob Young

The Snow Is Dancing (1908)                                                Claude Debussy (b. 1862)

Dan Danch

Perpetual from Four Movements for Marimba (1988)            Michael Burritt (b. 1962)

Kevin Rabold

Virginia Tate (1999)                                                                        Paul Smadebeck (b. 1955)

Matt Hayes

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