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PE - 2/17/10 - Butler Institute


Youngstown State University

Percussion Ensemble


Dr. Glenn Schaft - Director

Tetsuya Takeno - Assistant Director

17 February 2010

Butler Institute of American Art




Gainsborough (1974)                                                                                                Thomas Gauger





Tom Gauger was born in Wheaton Illinois and studied Percussion at the University of Illinois. He has performed with the Oklahoma City Orchestra, the Boston Symphony and the Boston Pops and has held teaching positions at Oklahoma University and Oklahoma City University, Boston University and the Boston University Tanglewood Institute.
In addition to his business of manufacturing drumsticks and percussion accessories, he composes and publishes his own music for percussion.


Implosion (1982)                                                                                                                                           Mantle Hood (1918-2005)

 The basic principles of composition are derived from practices in the island of Bali, Indonesia.  The vibraphone plays the principal melody, which is continually elaborated by the interlocking parts of the marimba and two xylophones.


Concerto for Marimba (1986 )                                                                                                                          Ney Rosauro (b. 1952)

            I. Saudacao (Greeting)

            II. Lamento

            III. Danca

            IV. Despedida (Farewell)


The Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra was written in June and July of 1986 in Brasília and is dedicated to the composer's son Marcelo. The work was originally written for marimba and string orchestra and was premiered in the USA the same year with the Manitowoc Symphony Orchestra in Wisconsin.


            Tetsuya Takeno - soloist




Tetsuya Takeno            Kanagawa-Ken, Japan

David Blon            North Huntington, PA           


Kevin Rabold, Pittsburgh, PA                                                           


Joshua Colson, Transfer, PA           

Dan Danch, New Wilmington, PA                                   

Matthew Hayes, Coshocton, OH                                   

Robert Young, Austintown, OH                                   

Eric Zalenski, Bloomingdale, OH                                                           


Dustin May, Westerville, OH                                                                                   

Gary White, Warren, OH


Keith Born, Bethel Park, PA

Dylan Kollat             North Jackson, OH

Kelvin Newell - Warren, OH

Moriah Placer            Warren, OH


Special thanks to Avedis Zildijian, Remo, ProMark. Dynasty, and Black Swamp Percussion for their product and

artist support.

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