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PE @ Bandorama - 11/21/19 - Stambaubaugh

Bandorama Program 11/21/19, Stambaugh Auditorium, 7:30PM


YSU Percussion Ensemble

Dr. Glenn Schaft - Director


Nathaniel Adams, Michael Daniels, Owen Davis, Jo’El Harrison,

Marcellus Jones, Evan McCreary, Jordan Ringold, Brett Whitely


Dragoon (1999)                                                                         Lynn Glassock (b. 1946)


In late 16th-century Europe, a dragoon was a mounted soldier who fought as a light cavalryman on attack and as a dismount infantryman on defense. The term derived from his weapon, a species of carbine or short musket called the dragoon. Glassock’s Dragoon is scored for a percussion octet using four marimbas, various blocks of wood, tambourines, snare drums, bongos, congas, maracas, log drums, tom toms, and shekere. Throughout, Glassock juxtaposes traditional tribal and contemporary musical practices including numerous tribal-like rhythms, various ethnic percussion instruments, complex tempo modulations, and the marimbas to create dense and dissonant polyphonic textures within driving rhythmic grooves. Notes by Glenn Schaft

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