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PE - 2006 OMEA Cleveland 

Youngstown State University Percussion Ensemble, Dr. Glenn Schaft – Director

Ohio Music Education Association 2006 Conference, Cleveland, Ohio
Friday, January 27, 2006 8:00a.m. Room CC202



Wenda Kanawa (2000)                                             Traditional African Ndjimba Music from Angola

                                                                                    Transcribed and arranged by Valerie Dee Naranjo

Mandara Music Publications

Performers- Tetusya Takeno, Sarah Sexton, Dean Anshutz, Joanna Fuchs, Seth Rogers

            The Tshokwe inhabit the savannas in northeast Angola in the province of Shaba. They are famous for their skills as carvers and for their great festival dances. The entire community shares in musical events as singers, dancers, and instrumentalists. The Ndjimba xylophone has 17 bars and is played with two rubber sticks. Under each bar is mounted a hollow gourd to serve as an amplifier. Similar keyboard instruments, found throughout much of Africa, are the ancestors of our contemporary Western xylophones and marimbas that were first brought to Central America especially Mexico and Guatemala. Marimba have undergone considerable design innovations over the last 100 years, leading to what you hear today.


Head Talk (1995)                                                      Mark Ford Innovative Percussion Publications

Performers - Christopher Kimble, Tetusya Takeno, Adam Bokesh, Mike Anderson, Tim Hampton

Head Talk is an entertaining music-theater piece for five players using only various drumheads. Mark Ford is the coordinator of percussion activities at The University of North Texas in Denton, Texas and Immediate Past-President of the Percussive Arts Society. He is a marimba specialist and the director of one of the largest percussion programs in the United States at UNT. Ford has premiered a variety of new works for solo marimba, and he has been a featured performer/clinician throughout the states at universities and at music conferences including PASIC, MENC, TMEA, Mid-West and CBDNA. Mark has also performed at International Music Festivals in South America, Asia, Australia and Europe.                                                     


Musique de Table (1987)                                         Thierry De May PM Europe Publications

Performers – Dr. Glenn Schaft, Christopher Kimble, Joshua Haggerty

Musique de Table by Belgian composer Thierry De May is for three percussionists, each using a small home-made wooden table as their only instrument. The various sounds are produced by different ways of striking the table with the hands. The tables are amplified by means of contact microphones attached underneath the tables. The piece is precisely notated with a combination of traditional notational symbols and a variety of unique graphic symbols. The music is choreographed via the composer’s precise instructions. Thierry De Mey, Born 1956 in Brussels Belgium, is a highley accomplished film composer, film director and percussionist.  Alongside of his wife Michele Anne De Mey, who writes the choreography, Thierry has directed and composed music for dance films including Love Sonnets and Tippeke. Next to his career as a film director/composer, De Mey has also composed for other groups including The Quatuor Quadro, Irvine Arditti, The Hilliard Ensemble and The Ictus Ensemble.

Hoo-Daiko (2001)                                                                 Robert Damm  HoneyRock Publications

Performers - Tetsuya Takeno, Adam Bokesh, Dan Danch, Vincent Lucente, Chris Marchion, Mike Anderson

Hoo-Daiko is inspired by the Japanese kodo drumming tradition from the island of Okinawa – a tradition of athletic, powerful, and dramatic expression. It is scored for contemporary marching bass drums. Robert Damm, an associate professor of music education at Mississippi State University where he also serves as the director of MSU's Percussion Ensemble. Damm has a specialty in African and Latin American percussion instruments.  In 2002 he studied music and dance in Cuba and in 2004 he traveled to Ghana to study the music and culture of West Africa. He currently serves as Faculty Advisor to the MSU Chapter of the Music Educators National Conference and as a Board Member for the Mississippi Alliance for Arts Education.                                         


Marimba Quartet (1987)                                         Daniel Levitan, b. 1953  Keyboard Percussion Publications

Marimba Quartet was commissioned by the Manhattan Marimba Quartet and has quickly become a tour de force of the marimba ensemble repertoire. Levitan’s music is characterized by simple melodies which are cleverly developed by the use of highly syncopated rhythms, changes of texture, and dynamic contrasts.  The performers are required to dampen ringing notes at specific times as in Javanese gamelan music and to play “ghosted”, or very soft notes, as in the jazz idiom. The first movement is in a seven-beat meter and concludes with a slow chorale section that transitions into the second movement, which is in a four-beat meter. Levitan’s music is inspired by jazz and popular music rhythm and harmony. Notes by Glenn Schaft

Performers – Christopher Kimble, Joshua Haggerty, Sarah Sexton, Tetsuya Takeno

Stubernic (1995)                                                                   Mark Ford Innovative Percussion Publications

Performers – Christopher Kimble, Joshua Haggerty, Sarah Sexton

Stubernic is a virtuosic work for three performers whom all play on a single marimba, as in the marimba traditions of Mexico and Guatemala. Mark Ford is the Director of Percussion Studies at the University of North Texas.


YSU Percussion Studies Program consists of 30 majors in various undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Our faculty/staff includes Dr. Glenn Schaft-Associate Professor and Director, Rob Ferguson-Adjunct Instructor and Director of the YSU Drumline, and Nathan Douds-Adjunct Instructor, two graduate assistants, and several undergraduate assistants. The YSU Percussion Program is recognized as one of the premiere “Total Percussion” opportunities in the United States and the worldwide success of our graduates is a testament to this reputation. Our educational philosophy is based on a balanced “Total Percussion” experience. Each student receives private lessons, small group lessons, and studio seminar classes on a weekly basis from our faculty. Our curriculum includes fundamentals of sound production and technique in world percussion, drumset, snare drum, keyboards, timpani, multiple percussion, and orchestral accessories. Each student performs chamber music with the Percussion Ensemble and has the opportunity to take additional courses such as Percussion Methods and Percussion Literature.

YSU Percussion Ensemble is one of the premiere ensembles at the Dana School of Music and performs frequently for diverse audiences. For example, in 1999-2000, we performed for over 9000 people. Annual campus performances include the Butler Institute of American Art, the Kilcawley Center, the Dana School of Music Showcase Concert, and the Dana Convocation. Off-campus performances typically include the Ohio Music Educators Association Convention, the Percussive Arts Society Ohio Chapter Day of Percussion, and other regional tours. The group’s repertoire includes diverse musical styles from around the world. Small ensembles within the course include the Contemporary Percussion Group, Marimba Ensembles, Drum Circle, and various Latin and World Percussion Groups - which include various ethnic percussion styles such as West African, Afro-Cuban, and Brazilian styles. We also perform student compositions.

YSU Percussion Ensemble Performance Highlights:
•2003 Ohio Music Education Association Conference, Columbus, Ohio •YSU Annaul Cuban Arts Festival.
•Percussive Arts Society - Ohio Day of Percussion, April 2000, Capital University, Columbus.
•YSU Percussion Ensemble with the Youngstown Symphony Orchestra, April 2000, Powers Auditorium, Youngstown, Ohio.
•YSU Latin Percussion Day, featuring the YSU Latin Percussion Group & Latin Jazz Combo with Latin Percussion Guest Artist Michael Spiro, March 2000.
•Winter 2000 Tour. Including concerts at Ohio Music Educators Association Convention, Cleveland, Ohio. January 2000, Berea High School, and Crestwood High School.
•Butler Institute of American Art, Feb.1999, Featuring Guest Artist Rob Ferguson - Marimba Concerto Soloist performing Michael Burritt’s "Shadow Chasers"
•YSU Kilcawley Center, Feb. 1997, Featuring Yamaha Performing Artist Doug Walter with YSU faculty members Tony Leonardi - bass and Glenn Schaft - drums
•Butler Institute of American Art, June 1997, Featuring Ako Toma - marimba and Sara Rule Schaft - violin
•YSU Hispanic Awareness Week, YSU Latin Percussion Group, YSU Colloquial Courtyard,1998.
•YSU Dance Concerts featuring the YSU Percussion Ensemble, May 1998, performing Ionization by Edgard Varese featuring dance choreography by Christine Cobb.


 Upcoming Percussion Events

1/25-28/06       Ohio Music Educators Association Annual Conference & Tour.

                                    Jan 25 Performances at two Cleveland area high schools.

•YSU Percussion Ensemble Performance at OMEA, 1/27/06, 8a.m.

•Glenn Schaft Clinic-Rhythm Is Our Business-Improving Rhyhmic Feel and Sight Reading For All Musicians. OMEA Conference, 1/27/06, 11:45a.m. CC210.

2/8/06              YSU Percussion Ensemble, Butler Institute of American Art, noon

3/30/06            YSU Percussion Ensemble, Kilcawley Center-Chestnut Room, 8p.m.

5/6/06              Percussive Arts Society-Ohio Day of Percussion, YSU Kilcawley Center. 10a.m.-6p.m.

Guest artists John Riley, Michael Burritt, Ruben Alvarez, Tom Freer, Mike Macintosh, Nathan Douds, Matrix Indoor Drumline, Hilliard Darby High School Indoor Drumline, Canfield High School Percussion Ensemble, University of Akron Steel Band, YSU Percussion Ensemble, and more to be announced.

Special thanks to Avedis Zildijian, Remo, ProMark. GMS Drums, and Dynasty for their product and artist support of the YSU Percussion Program.

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