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Books and Supplies

Those marked with an *** asterisk are typically required of first semester freshmen. 

Rhythm Books

Whaley, Garwood — Basics In Rhythm

Chaffee, Gary — Rhythm & Meter Patterns

•••Schaft, Glenn–Fascinating Rhythms

Snare Drum Books

Cirone, Anthony — Portraits In Rhythm, 1966.

Delecluse, Jacques — Douze Etudes, 1964

Delecluse, Jacques — Keiskleiriana 1, 1987

Delecluse, Jacques — Studio M 1, 2004          

Delecluse, Jacques — Initium II, 1977, focus on subdivision

Delecluse, Jacques — Initium IV, 1978, focus on subdivision

Delecluse, Jacques —  Methode de Caisse-Claire, 1969

Firth, Vic  — The Solo Snare Drummer, 1968

Gardner, Carl — Gardner Modern Method, 1919

•••Gauthreaux, Guy, II –- Six Classic Snare Drum Solos

Goldenberg, Morris —Modern School For Snare Drum, 1955

Peters, Mitchell — Advanced Snare Drum Studies, 1971.

•••Peters, Mitchell — Intermediate Studies For Snare Drum, 1976. Excellent etudes for all levels.

Peters, Mitchell — Etudes for Snare Drum. 2003.

•••Schaft, Glenn – Snare Drum Chops & Concepts, 2017 edition

•••Stone, George Lawrence — Stick Control. 1935.

Charles Wilcoxon — Modern Rudimental Swing Solos. 1941.

Weiner, Richard — Etudes For Snare Drum, 2011. 

Wooten, John - Drummers Rudimental Reference Book.

Drum Set Books

Duduka Da Fonseca and Bob Weiner — Brazilian Rhythms for Drumset (CD)

Brian Fullen — Bass Drum Essentials

Brian Fullen — Jazz Standards for Drumset

Malabe, Frank and Bob Weiner — Afro Cuban Rhythms for Drumset (CD)

•••Pickering, John — Mel Bay’s Studio/Jazz Drum Cookbook. Excellent jazz comping patterns.

•••Ted Reed — Syncopation

Zoro - The Commandments of Drumming. R&B, Soul, and Funk ( CD).

Timpani Book

•••Peters, Mitchell — Fundamental Method for Timpani. Excellent general text.

Keyboard Books

David Friedman — Vibraphone Technique - dampening and pedaling technique & etudes.

•••Peters, Mitchell — Fundamental Method for Mallets. Vol. 1. Excellent introductory text. Include 2 and 4 mallet sections.

Peters, Mitchell — Fundamental Method for Mallets. Vol. 2. Excellent introductory text. Include 2 and 4 mallet sections.

Stevens, Leigh Howard — Method Of Movement. Definitive treatise on four mallet technique and exercises.

••• Ear Plugs (inexpensive foam plugs are not acceptable)

   Hearos High Fidelity ear plugs

   Vic Firth High Fidelity ear plugs

     Both brands are virtually the same product, approximately $14-16, get no more than 20-25 dB sound reduction

••• Metronome 

   Either a mobile phone app metronome with headphones or a stand alone electronic metronome such as Tama Rhythm Watch or Dr. Beat. “Flex Beat”  is an excellent met/rhythm sequencer app available at the App Store. “Time Guru” is an excellent app for reducing metronome dependance. “Read Rhythm” is an excellent app for sight reading.

Audio Recorder or Audio/Video Recorder such as Zoom Q4, $299

•••Concert Snare Drum Sticks  - Innovative Percussion IP-LD (Lalo Davila signature model

••• Drum Set Sticks - 5A or 5AB – Innovative Percussion Legacy and/or Vintage Series

••• Retractable Wire Brushes with wire end ring – Innovative Percussion WBR-1, medium 7” model

••• Keyboard Mallets as advised, Innovative Percussion Mark Ford series, yarn wrapped

Timpani Mallets as advised by Dr. Schaft. see, medium hardness

Tuning Pipe and/or A-440 Tuning Fork

*** 8.5x11” looseleaf manuscript paper

Computer music notation software - Sibelius or Finale

•••Stick or Mallet Bag - you need a large Innovative Percussion MB‑3 Condura Large Mallet Bag  bag to house your expanding collection or separate drumset stickbag and keyboard/timpani mallet stickballs  A briefcase also works especially for a timpani mallets exclusive case.

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