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CURRICULUM: Our program is renowned for its broad-based and flexible approach addressing each student’s unique career interests. Students may pursue a total percussion perspective or specializations tracks such as drum set, keyboard percussion, contemporary music, or world percussion.  Studio enrollment typically averages 15-20 majors whose curriculum includes Applied Percussion (private lessons, group lessons, Seminar Class) and the YSU Percussion Ensemble. Frequent internationally and nationally renowned guest artists present clinics, master classes, lectures, recitals, and private lessons. 

While providing a broad and comprehensive foundational education, the YSU Percussion Department also provided an inclusive and flexible approach to the individual. Creative limitations were never imposed and individual interests were encouraged, supported, and often integrated into the course of study. The department and its curriculum directly reflect the ideals of its director, Glenn Schaft: individuality, professionalism, adaptability, progressiveness, hard-work, rigorous self-assessment, and reinvention. 

Ron Coulter-YSU alum, Director of Percussion Studies, Southern Illinois University

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