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Why YSU? The Dana School of Music provides an outstanding educational opportunity at one of the lowest costs of any comprehensive university in Ohio.

Mission We foster a vibrant community of percussion artist-scholars and facilitate their learning via critical thinking, knowledge, and practical skills across broad yet interrelated areas of inquiry including performance, improvisation, composition, pedagogy, theory, history, technology, mind/body research, and the music industry.

Faculty-Staff Glenn Schaft, DMA is Professor and Director of Percussion Studies. He directs the Percussion Ensemble, teaches private and group lessons, Studio Seminar class, performs with the Faculty Jazz Group, and is co-founder and faculty advisor of the Youngstown Percussion Collective. Glenn's performance and teaching credits span over forty years in classical, contemporary, world, jazz, improvised, and popular music. He is a member of the Percussive Arts Society and is an educational artist endorser with Avedis Zildjian Co., Innovative Percussion Inc., Remo Inc., and an educational consultant with Black Swamp Percussion. Ed Davis, Adjunct Instructor; Dustin May, Adjunct Instructor, Dylan Kollat, Dance Department Accompanist and Drumline Instructor, and either a Percussion Graduate Assistant or Undergraduate Work-Study Assistant.

Curriculum Our program is renowned for its personalized and flexible approach that interweaves standard musical skills, percussion instrument techniques and repertoire, and each student’s unique career interests. Students may choose a broad multi-instrument “total percussion” perspective or specializations tracks such as drum set, keyboard, orchestral, contemporary solo and chamber music, or world percussion. Studio enrollment averages 15-20 majors. Courses include Applied Percussion (private lessons, group lessons, Seminar Class) and Percussion Ensemble. Guest artists present clinics, master classes, lectures, recitals, and private lessons.

Opportunities Campus-based professional gigs include: Youngstown Percussion Collective Touring Ensemble, Basketball Pep Band, Commencement Band, and accompanists for the Dance Department. Off-campus professional gigs include the Youngstown Scoring Stage, Youngstown Symphony Orchestra, Warren Philharmonic, Packard Band, Youngstown Playhouse, Opera Western Reserve, and myriad drumset gigs in Cleveland, Akron, Kent, Youngstown, Warren, and Pittsburgh. Our students are employed as instructors and composer/arrangers for area high school drumlines and private teaching opportunities abound at places such as The Drum Smith, Motter’s Music, and Hubbard Music.

History Founded in 1869, the Dana School of Music is one of the oldest music schools in the United States and is part of a thriving urban research university of 14,000 students. Dana includes 250 music majors, 29 full-time faculty, and 31 adjuncts. Full-time percussion faculty have included Myron (James) Wisler from 1962-1972, Joseph Parlink from 1972-1996, and Glenn Schaft from 1996-present.

Location YSU is a beautiful urban campus located in downtown Youngstown and is part of culturally vibrant northeast Ohio; with Cleveland 70 miles to the Northwest, Akron 50 miles to the West, and Pittsburgh 67 miles to the Southeast. The Youngstown metropolitan area has a population of over 760,000. 


Sponsors Glenn and the YSU Percussion Studio are proud to be sponsored by Avedis Zildjian Co., Remo Inc., Innovative Percussion Inc., and Black Swamp Percussion.

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