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Original 1941 manuscript in Charley Wilcoxon’s hand, acquired from the Wilcoxon estate

Original edition autographed by G. L. Stone, aquired from the Charley Wilcoxon estate

Spring Semester 2019

3/22/19 - Percussion Ensemble -  Perform Rupert Kettle-Dining Room Music, Dana Covocation, BRH, 11AM

3/27/19 – Percussion Ensemble Concert, Butler Institute of American Art, 12:15PM

4/24/19 – Percussion Ensemble performs Nigel Westlake-Omphalo Centric Lecture on Dana 150th Anniversary Gala Concert, Stambaugh Auditorium, 7:30PM

April 26-27, 2019 – Guest Artist Ensemble, David Krakauer's Ancestral Groove, w. Michael Sarin-dms,

Over the last twenty-five years, drummer Michael Sarin has been at the center of New York City’s genre bending jazz and improvisation community. His versatility and musical wit helped forge long associations with forward-looking artists Thomas Chapin, Dave Douglas, Myra Melford, Ben Allison, and David Krakauer.

Born in 1965, Michael was raised on Bainbridge Island, WA—a ferryboat ride from Seattle. His interest in music and the drums came early, nourished by both the record collections of his parents and older sister, and by the AM radio he received at age seven.

His formal music education began during high school with drummer Dave Coleman, Sr. He went on to study drums and percussion with Tom Collier at the University of Washington, and later with master drummer, Jerry Granelli.

Since moving to New York in 1989, Michael’s unique style and approach to the drum set has been highly sought after by NYC and European musicians looking to expand the definitions of jazz and improvised music. He has contributed to recordings by the aforementioned artists as well as those of Frank Carlberg, Anthony Coleman, Mark Dresser, Marty Ehrlich, Mark Helias, Denman Maroney, Simon Nabatov, Mario Pavone, Ned Rothenberg, and Fred Wesley--recordings found on numerous music critics’ Top Ten CD year-end lists.

Michael performs all over the world--in major and minor festivals; concert halls famous and infamous, big and small. He can be heard on recent recordings of Frank Carlberg, Mark Dresser, Joe Fiedler, Erik Friedlander, David Krakauer, and Leslie Pintchik. 

4/30/19 – Brandon Maffitt Junior Recital, 6pm, Bliss 2326

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