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Original 1941 manuscript in Charley Wilcoxon’s hand, acquired from the Wilcoxon estate

Original edition autographed by G. L. Stone, aquired from the Charley Wilcoxon estate

Spring Semester 2019

2/16/19 – Dana School of Music Entrance Audition Day #2

2/22/19 – Wind and Percussion Invitational, Stambaugh Auditorium

    Glenn Schaft Percussion Clinic for guest high school percussion sections, 1-2:30pm

    Concert featuring Percussion Ensemble and Wind Ensemble, guest ensembles Champion HS and Seneca Valley HS, 7pm

2/23/19 – Dana School of Music Entrance Audition Day #3

3/4/19 – Percussion Ensemble and Concert Band Concert, 7:30PM, Stambaugh Auditorium

3/22/19 - Percussion Ensemble -  Perform Rupert Kettle-Dining Room Music, Dana Covocation, BRH, 11AM

3/27/19 – Percussion Ensemble Concert, Butler Institute of American Art, 12:15PM

4/24/19 – Percussion Ensemble performs Nigel Westlake-Omphalo Centric Lecture on Dana 150th Anniversary Gala Concert, Stambaugh Auditorium, 7:30PM

April 26-27, 2019 – Guest Artist Ensemble, David Krakauer's Ancestral Groove, w. Michael Sarin-dms,

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